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CSA01IT - Cloud Service Automation 4.0 Interactive Training Created by ART

Available as ART Based Training Course Type:


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ART Based Training
Current (Released Jun/14)

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Course Description:
The HP ART Cloud Service Automation content enables users of Cloud Service Automation 4.0 to:
• Describe service designs.
• Develop service designs from pre-built components.
• Build service designs with supporting, underlying components.
• Create resource offerings and design a service for user consumption using the CSA Marketplace portal.
• View and manage service instances for consumer organizations.

• High speed Internet connection
• Web browser (IE7+ or Firefox 3.5+)

Please go to Learn More About ART or contact for further information.

CSA01IT - Cloud Service Automation 4.0 IT by ART - HP Hosted 100 Users, 12 months
USD 20000.00
[80 Training Units]
CSA01IT - Cloud Service Automation 4.0 IT by ART - HP Hosted 25 Users, 6 months
USD 10000.00
[40 Training Units]

(Shipping&Handling charges may apply)

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