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Upgrade your EUT solution to ART
EUT End of Life
As customer needs increased, and software features continued to evolve, we saw the need for a more innovative solution to HP Software end user training and have now introduced the Adoption Readiness Tool (ART).

ART is much more than a replacement for our EUT courses; it is a complete change in the way we help you achieve enterprise wide software adoption. ART expands training usage beyond the base eLearning course to include documentation, classroom guides, online performance support, test scripts, simulations and an expanding list of additional outputs designed to meet all learning types.
What is ART?

HP Software's Adoption Readiness Tool is the perfect marriage of content created by HP Software Subject Matter Experts and the content development tools that you can use to create and customize content to meet the needs of your environment. When you purchase an Adoption Readiness Tool Suite, you receive both the content (i.e. Quality Center) and the ART Author, creating a platform on which to build your entire documentation, training and support strategy. Choose to deliver the pre-designed core content, or customize your own to roll out across your entire organization.

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Still have an EUT?

We know our EUT platform is still very successful at training end users and is currently deployed in organizations throughout the world. Please note that these subscription will still be as accessible as always, but for future software releases, we recommend upgrading to ART.