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Accredited Solutions Expert Certification
HP Software certifications for advanced-level professionals

HP Software Certification offers two levels of technical credentials. The Accredited Technical Professional (ATP) is the foundation-level credential aimed at technical users and professionals with about 3 months of experience or equivalent training. The ATP was formerly called the Accredited Integration Specialist (AIS) until November 1, 2011. ATP exams are multiple-choice tests that are administered worldwide at PearsonVUE testing centers.

HP Software Certification's advanced-level credential is the Accredited Solutions Expert (ASE). The ASE is available for technical users, partners, instructors, and implementers who have at least one year of experience with the software solution, or equivalent training. ASE exams are three-hour, proctored, performance-based exams that require candidates to work with the software, perform hands-on activities, and answer multiple choice questions. While ATP exams are available at PearsonVUE test centers, HP Software ASE exams are administered worldwide only at HP Software facilities and locations.

What are the requirements for achieving the software ASE certificate?

There is a natural progression of skills from the ATP level to the ASE. Achieving the ATP certificate is a pre-requisite for completing the requirements, along with passing the ASE exam, to earn the Accredited Solutions Expert certificate. There are some credentials that require a wider breadth of knowledge and combined experience in software solutions. Software training and field experience of at least one year in your area of software solutions are strongly recommended before taking a software ASE exam.

How do I get started planning my path to achieve a Software ASE certificate?
  1. Obtain your HP learner ID early in the planning process.

    The HP learner ID is your unique identification within the ExpertONE certified community. With this one ID, you can take multiple exams and achieve as many credentials as you want.

    It takes at least five business days to obtain your learner ID. Obtain this information early in the planning process.

    Follow the steps detailed in the ExpertONE Get Started page for HP partners and HP customers who are interested in achieving an HP credential.

    Are you an HP employee? Click here.

  2. Achieve the pre-requisite ATP level certificates. Use the ExpertONE Certification Explorer site to check the ATP pre-requisites for the ASE certificate you want to achieve. Obtain exam numbers for the Software ATP certifications.

  3. Review available ASE certifications and schedules. Download and the ASE exam prep guide and practice questions from the HP Software Certification page. Register for your ASE exam.

Are you ready to take a Software ASE exam? Click here to view exam information.

For a complete listing of all HP Software certifications, visit the ExpertONE Certification Explorer site. Select Professional Career and then check the box for Software for Business Management.

Have questions on HP Software certifications? Email

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