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ART - Adoption Readiness Tool
ART - Adoption Readiness Tool
What is ART?

HP Software's Adoption Readiness Tool is the perfect marriage of content created by HP Software Subject Matter Experts and the content development tools that you can use to create and customize content to meet the needs of your environment. Choose to deliver the pre-designed core content (i.e. Asset Manager), or customize your own and roll out across your entire organization – resulting in a comprehensive documentation, training and support strategy.

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Benefits and features

Achieve rapid software adoption
  • High quality pre-built content created by HP Software subject matter experts and ready to use on day one
  • Easily customized and translated* to reflect your unique environment
  • Sustainable training solution throughout the application life cycle: Early awareness, full eLearning, quick reference training, new hire training, upgrades

Drive down total cost of ownership
  • Single source / multiple outputs - Dramatically lessen the cost of development by leveraging a single source of content uniquely tailored by ART to create multiple outputs for documentation, training and support
  • Reduce help desk calls by providing easy access to online interactive simulations and job aids
  • Decrease time to deployment by kick starting implementation and upgrade projects with delivered system process documentation and best practice simulations

Reduce project risk
  • Deliver consistent content across departments, languages and time lines
  • Enforce compliance regulations
  • Provide management visibility into user competence, organizational readiness and opportunities for continual performance improvement

ART Product Brief
Details the benefits and features of the Adoption Readiness Tool.

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Interactive Training with ART
Explore this hosted option of your favorite ART content.
Interactive Training with ART

Evaluating ART
Compare and contrast ART with alternate leading content development software.
Interactive Training with ART

ART Services
Details the training and support offerings available with ART.
Interactive Training with ART

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