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Go GREEN with eBooks from HPSE

HP Software Education is going green by providing innovative training solutions in the most environmentally friendly way. No need to plan for costly shipping of bulky paper-based training guides. Our new eBooks provide an interactive, protected, digital courseware solution for our virtual instructor-led courses. With just one click you can download and view your electronic, mobile-friendly, eBook course materials on-demand.


Green alternative
Minimize the resources and energy that go into producing a paper-based book, like paper, packaging and shipping, as well as those tasks required to dispose of the product once consumed.

Easy access on web or mobile app
Our eBook solution can be viewed on many of your favorite screened devices such as desktops, laptops, iPads and iPhones and can be downloaded from anywhere you can connect to the Internet.

Just-in-time learning
You can use your course materials throughout the training course and easily access them to use as reference materials after the course has concluded.

Searchable content
Every eBook contains a full glossary of searchable content so that you can always find the module or chapter you are looking for.

Content updates
Electronic courseware can be updated as product updates are released and new features and functionality become available.

Notes from instructor and peers
Students and instructors can electronically add, save, and share notes directly in the documentation. You can highlight specific information in different colors, add notes and questions to the training guides, and then save and share these notes to enable a truly collaborative environment in the classroom.

Links to HP social networking
Key topics are linked to the HP Community for users to detail past experiences, provide commentary, ask questions and explore best practices and tips and tricks.

Reduce printing/shipping costs and delays
Reduce the printing and shipping costs associated with course materials and download course materials on your own time without having to worry about shipping.

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