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Educational Services for IT Management Software
Helping you make the most out of your HP Software investment

Education and Certification set the foundations for optimizing your business technology investment. HP Software Education Services provides a comprehensive curriculum for all Mercury, SPI and Opsware products, using different methods of delivery at multiple locations across the US and the globe. We offer standard instructor-led and Web-based training, as well as custom training courses and professional certification programs. Our rigorous certifications make ‘HP Accredited Systems Engineer' and 'HP Certified Instructor' titles of prestige.

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Recent Course Releases
Application Development Management
ALMOCT110 – ALM Octane 12.x Fundamentals (Feb/15/2017)
ART100 – ART 5.3 Author and Administrator Training (Jan/04/2017)
Consulting, Education and Support
ART100 – ART 5.3 Author and Administrator Training (Jan/04/2017)
Operations Management
SM01IT- Service Manager 9.5 Interactive Training Created by ART (Mar/10/2017)
PPM01IT - PPM 9.4 IT by ART: Project, Portfolio, and Program Mgmt (Feb/08/2017)
UCMDB01IT - Universal CMDB 10.3 Interactive Training Created by ART (Mar/21/2017)
OBR120 - Operations Bridge Reporter 10.x Essentials (Mar/16/2017)
OO01IT - Operations Orchestration 10.7 Interactive Training Created by ART (Mar/23/2017)

Offers, Events, News