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VMware vSphere 5.X: Certification Preparation

Available for Web-based Training Course Type: Self-paced

Availability: Web-Based

Status: Internal (Released Mar/14)

Course Description:
This seminar will provide students with a structured learning plan that will prepare them to sit the VMware VCP5-DCV certification examination by concentrating study effort upon those learning objectives that the VCP will test. It includes a lecture, as well as class discussion and question & answer session. This course covers both the vSphere 5.0/5.1 version and the 5.5 version of the VCP5-DCV examination.

This seminar will focus on the objectives listed in the VMware VCP5-DCV Exam Blueprint. Many of the topics are a review of what is covered in the VMware vSphere 5.x: Install Configure and Manage courses. The seminar also includes a summary of additional reading topics suggested in the Exam Blueprint. This online seminar is designed to ensure students are fully aware of the learning objectives they are required to get their VCP5-DCV certification. It is not a simple walk-through of VCP5-DCV test questions.

Target Audience:
Previous attendees of the VMware vSphere 5.x: Install, Configure, Manage (HL235S\H1L93S\H6D01S) courses or VMware vSphere 5.x: What's New (HL234S\H1L92S\H6D00S) classes who are considering or have already booked the VMware VCP exam. The best results will be obtained if the delegate has at least 5 days after this session to follow-up on the advice given during the seminar before taking the exam. .


This seminar focuses on the objectives of the VCP5-DCV Exam Blueprint. Objectives in the following areas will be covered:

• Plan, Install, Configure and Upgrade vCenter Server and ESXi
• Plan and Configure a vNetworking Infrastructure
• Plan and Configure a vStorage Infrastructure
• Deploy and Administer Virtual Machines and vApps
• Resource Management
• Monitoring a vSphere environment
• High Availability
The seminar includes over 30 sample questions

• VMware vSphere 5.0: Install, Configure, Manage (HL235S) or VMware
vSphere 5.0: What's New (HL234S), or
• A good command of English since this online seminar will be
delivered in English
• VMware vSphere 5.1: Install, Configure, Manage (H1L93S) or VMware
vSphere 5.1: What's New (H1L92S), or
• VMware vSphere 5.5: Install, Configure, Manage (H6D01S) or VMware
vSphere 5.5: What's New (H6D00S).

This course will increase your chances of passing the VCP5-DCV certification test with technical reviews, revision strategies, question answering techniques and an open question and answer session with live expert instructor.

Minimum viewing requirements:
•System font set to small or normal
•1280x1024 screen resolution
•Browser zoom set to 100%
•Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox 15, Google Chrome 22 or Apple Safari 5
•JavaScript / ActiveX controls enabled
•512kbps Internet connection
•Adobe Flash 9 or higher

VMware vSphere 5.X: Certification Preparation
US $ 200.00